The Unsolved Mystery of the Villisca Ax Murder House

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The Unsolved Mystery of the Villisca Ax Murder House

INIHOROR.COM- Villisca Ax Murder House is a historic home in the United States.

June 9, 1912, both members of the Moore family and two of their aides were found dead in their homes.

All members in this house were slaughtered sadistically with an ax.

It is said that a neighbor of the JB Moore family was worried because this family did not come out of the house even though it was noon.

He also knocked on the house of the JB family but did not get an answer. Finally, he tried to contact a close relative to open the lock with a spare key and when it was opened, everyone was shocked to see the entire family of 6 people and 2 of his assistants died horribly with severe injuries to the point of slashing.

Joe B Moore (43), Sarah Moore (39), Herman (11), Katherine (10), Boyd (7), Paulus (5), and two others were found dead and dead.

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When found, there was a long black ax scattered around the victim's body. The ax was then suspected to be the murder tool used by the perpetrators. A water panic was also found covered in blood on the dining table showing some food that seemed to be being eaten. The police concluded that they were massacred in the middle of the night.

Since that night, security in the surrounding area has been tightened to avoid any further victims of the massacre.

The most tragic condition of the corpse was that of Joe Moore, he died with the most stabs at any time and the worst thing was that his head was cut in half and both of his eyes were missing.

In this case, two suspects were found. However, the suspect was not proven guilty and just got away with it.

Some of the Suspects

Lyn Jacklin George Kelly

Pastor Lyn is a mystery in this case. On the night of the murder, he was attending Children's Day in Service at Moore Church. He got on the train on the 10th in the morning and according to the testimony of an elderly couple, while on the train, he kept talking about murder. Uniquely, Pastor Lyn admitted the murder was his doing but when the trial was carried out, he was acquitted.

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Frank Jones

One of the main suspects in this murder case is Frank Jones. He is a wealthy businessman and state senator who is often involved in political cases. He used to hire Joe Moore but then quit to open his own business. Jones and Joe often competed on business matters. It was discovered that Joe had an affair with Jones' son. This raises the suspicion of Jones at the time of the murders.

William Mansfield

William is also a suspect. He was recently released from prison and is known to have associations with other criminals. William became a suspect as a murderer of his wife and baby girl with an ax on Blue Island in 1914. The murders in Villisca were very similar to the murders he had ever committed. Rumors also have it that William worked for Jones.

The Villisca house was originally built in 1868 and became the property of the Moore family in 1903. Since the murders, ownership of the house has changed hands in several jails. The last owners of the house were Martha Link and Darwin in 1994 and have renovated the house many times.

The house they did not live in and is now a horror museum. Villisca Ax The Murder is now a home frequented by tourists. And often used as a place to visit for people who are curious about the state of the house after the murder occurred. We often hear the sound of crying children and other strange sounds in this house.

Do you dare to visit it? -zz-

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