Horror Stories; Mia and the female figure in the bathroom

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Horror Stories; Mia and the female figure in the bathroom

INIHOROR -Hi! This time I want to tell you about me and my cousin, I call her Mia. We are both sensitive to 'them'. The difference is that my cousin doesn't really care about his whereabouts. While I can not ignore their existence.

That afternoon on Saturday, Mia and I were staying in the yard. Sit back and relax while telling a little about Mia's new friends in class. Mia was just in grade 1 in junior high school, while I was in grade 3. We are 2 years apart in age. But Mia and I are very close because I lived with her family during school. While busy talking, Dad came over to me. Invite me to talk alone.

"If it's already sunset, don't leave Mia alone in the bathroom, okay?" The first words my father said to me. "Why can't you?" I asked confused. "Then what's wrong Mia? Don't leave it alone when it's Maghrib, okay?" Father said softly explaining. I nodded in response. Then Dad said goodbye to go inside, I went back to accompany Mia.

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Mia looked at me as I sat down next to her. "What did he say? There is a problem?" he asked a little panicked. I shook my head. "There is not any. Father is coming home tonight, I will stay at your house until tomorrow." I answered. Mia just nodded after hearing my answer. We continued the conversation that had stopped.

In the afternoon, as usual on Saturdays, Mia and I wash clothes together. Mia and I used to share work. This time Mia did the laundry, I did the drying outside. It was almost Maghrib when I walked into the yard to dry my clothes. I hum a little, enjoying the cool atmosphere this afternoon. Drying clothes piece by piece. Until the sound of the Maghrib Adhan is heard.

I fell silent. Like something I forgot. What is it? I'm still loyal to the sun while thinking what I missed. Until finally my eyes widened completely because I remembered Dad's message. "Mia!" I exclaimed as I ran to the bathroom.

My steps stopped when I saw Mia was lying weak in front of the bottom steps. Panic. I called Papah Mia, then Papah Mia took him to the room. Before I followed him into the room, I glanced at the bathroom door.

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He was standing there. With long black hair hanging down to the floor. Smiling at me. I watched him from head to toe down there. He looks happy then laughs in a voice that deafens anyone who hears it. After that I left, entered Mia's room, saw her lying weak.

"How come?" that's all that comes out of the many questions in my head. Still with her eyes closed, Mia replied, "pulled from the top of the stairs when going out. I'm still at the door though." I just silently listened to it. Then I glanced at the door, then shook my head when I saw the woman still looking at Mia with a smile. I said to myself "I'm sorry." / Reg.
The above writing has not been confirmed and readers in order to take lessons from all events, please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm, all of the above writings are mere fiction.

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