Mystical Story About One Suro Night at Darmo's House

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Mystical Story About One Suro Night at Darmo's House
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Anyone know Darmo's famous house in Surabaya? It is said that the house is a haunted house with a dark side that still has many questions.

Rumors of the awesomeness of Darmo's house were even made into a horror film with the title Malam Suro at Darmo's house.

Suro Movie at Darmo's House

The film Suro di Rumah Darmo is about the story of Rumah Darmo with the scary story that follows it.

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With players Diah Permatasari and several other players such as Opi Kumis, Mpok nori and several other artists, the story of Rumah Darmo is like giving another color to the world of horror film.

An interesting story about pesugihan performed by a family in this darmo's house. Make Darmo's house haunted.

This luxurious house is the result of a family gift. The family got a lot of wealth, gold, houses, and other luxurious objects and gave sacrifices and offerings in return. However, because the family wanted to cheat by not giving sacrifices and offerings anymore and intending to escape by sea.

So the ghosts immediately sank the ship that the family was riding so that the whole family died. The house and its possessions were indirectly taken back by the ghosts and some of the families who were still in the house were killed. They were killed on the night of one suro.

As a result, the house until now has become their residence so that no one buys the luxury house.

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Now the existence of the Darmo haunted house has become the most famous byword for lovers of the supernatural throughout Indonesia so that the place is never empty of visitors.

The above writing has not been confirmed and the reader in order to be able to take lessons from all events, please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm, all of the above writings are mere fiction.

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