Spooky! Skeleton Lake Roopkund Lake Filled With Human Bones

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 Spooky! Skeleton Lake Roopkund Lake Filled With Human Bones


The state of Uttarakhand, 350 km from the city of New Delhi, India has a lake that is unusual with other lakes. This lake in the Himalayas has an unusual oddity in the summer.

The lake named Roopkund has a mystical story that will be seen when summer arrives and the ice has melted.

You will see some bones at a depth of two meters. During the second world war, in a remote valley far from the Himalayas, a forest ranger in India named Hari Kishan Madhwal made an unusual discovery.

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At an altitude of 4,800 meters, Hari Kishan Madhwal found a small lake with something strange under the clear water.

Apparently, the lake is filled with human bone skeletons. He had discovered Roopkund Lake or often known as Skeleton Lake.

More than 300 human bones are at the bottom of Lake Roopkund. Because of the strangeness of this lake, local people also often nicknamed it as Mystery Lake or mystery lake.

In this lake you can see such as skeletons, hair, nails, spears, knives, iron, wood artifacts, clothes, jewelry in this lake. There were even some skeletons that still had flesh.

In 2004, conducted an expedition involving Indian scientists with several people from the European continent. Scientists travel to the lake to collect samples and conduct investigations.

The results of the study were given to the Radiocarbo Accelerator Unit at the University of Oxford, UK. The result is that the skeleton is more than 850 AD.

Some people there concluded that, the remains of the skeleton belonged to ancient Indian soldiers who were returning across the mountains from battle.

Others say they are victims of the plague. Extreme hailstorms are also to blame.

A folk song hums the story of a group of uncivilized people walking near the temple of the Hindu Goddess Nanda Devi in ​​the Himalayas.

Enraged by their behavior, the goddess is said to have thrown a hard ball - as hard as iron - at the group of people. Although 'only' a folk song, some of the bones investigated did have signs of trauma from being hit by a round solid object.

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So far no weapons have been found there but there are jewelery and religious attire. Some people also denied that it was a victim of the plague because based on investigations, the skeleton which consisted of a mixture of men, women and children was in good health.

To that end, researchers have so far concluded that the skeletons may be the remains of South Asian pilgrims who died in the 9th Century.

Roopkund Lake is known as a mystery lake which is surrounded by rock-studded glaciers and filled with snow.

To travel to this Roopkund lake which is at an altitude of 5,029 meters above sea level, climbers must travel three to four days from Gwaldum in Chamoli district, India.

Until now, Roopkund Lake or known as Skeleton Lake is still a mystery

The above writing has not been confirmed and the reader in order to be able to take lessons from all events, please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm, all of the above writings are mere fiction.

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