Myths about Pocong that are very much feared by the community

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Myths about Pocong that are very much feared by the community

INIHOROR- Pocong is one of the most known and most feared ghosts in Indonesia. Its shape that resembles a dead corpse makes this ghost even more real.

It is said that the pocong ghost is the spirit of the corpse who asks for help to open the pocong rope. According to several sources, the presence of a pocong figure begins with smoke in the middle of his tomb.

Then, the smoke will turn into a small creature that jumps up and down from the middle of the blur to its feet, then to the head and not long after, the figure will perfect itself into a pocong figure asking for help.

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He said, pocong would first come to the people who participated in the funeral procession. Because, they are the ones responsible for the pocong rope that has not been released.

Not only visiting those who help with the funeral process, pocong also usually comes to family or relatives to convey messages that have not been conveyed during his lifetime.

Many cases have been encountered related to terror from Pocong. Pocong is known to usually appear under trees, deserted streets, graves and others.

If in the film the pocong is described as jumping around, in reality the pocong moves by floating or disappearing.

According to those who have seen pocong, they usually wear very dirty shrouds, their faces are black as charred and very crushed and full of maggots.

Pocong is known to be very smelly, it smells like rotting carrion and can spit out its spit. That said, if we suddenly smell a very strong stench and don't know where it comes from, it is believed that pocong is around you.

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He said, if we are exposed to pocong saliva, the victim will cause a very foul smell even though he has bathed many times, and the smell is known to disappear after 1 year.

*This story has not been authenticated. For the elements and contents of this article, please do not mislead. It would be nice if we took the positive side.* 

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