The Mystery Behind Nina Bobo's Song

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The Mystery Behind Nina Bobo's Song
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"Nina bobo, oh nina bobo
Kalau tidak bobo, digigit nyamuk
Nina bobo, oh nina bobo
Kalau tidak bobo, digigit nyamuk"

That's a fragment of the lyrics of the song "Nina Bobo". A song that mothers often sing to put their children to sleep at night. This song sounds like a mother who wants to put her child to sleep named "Nina".

But who would have thought, behind the lyrics that sound calming, it turns out that there is a mystery and a sad story behind the song. Check out the mystery story behind the song "Nina Bobo" below!

Nina is the nickname of a child named Helenia Mustika Van Rodjik, an Indo-Dutch mulatto child. His father is a classical composer named Van Rodjik, and his mother is a Javanese dancer named Mustika. Nina is so loved because she is the only child.

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It is known that Nina was born in 1871. Nina has trouble sleeping at night. Mustika, who really loves Nina, racks her brain to deal with Nina's insomnia. Until finally, Mustika hummed without lyrics, Van Rodjik who is a composer also suggested to make lyrics for the hum that Mustika hummed.

The lyrics of "Nina Bobo" were found with the addition of the words "Bit by Mosquitoes" to scare Nina into falling asleep quickly. Every night, Mustika sings the song for Nina. Nina became addicted and just by hearing the song, Nina could fall asleep.

Who would have thought, in 1875, poor little Nina had a serious illness. After struggling with pain for 3 years, Nina died in 1878.

Mustika and Van Rodjik are devastated by the loss of their only child, Nina. Mustika, who feels that Nina is still alive, always sings the song "Nina Bobo" every night.

Mustika continued to sing the song "Nina Bobo" throughout the years Nina's absence. In 1920, Mustika caught up with Nina and left Van Rodjik alone.

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It wasn't enough, Van Rodjik, who was devastated by the departure of his wife and children, felt that he was constantly being haunted by Nina. Van Rodjik often wakes up at night hearing the sound of a baby crying.

This then disturbed his mind. Van Rodjik also followed Mustika's habit, namely singing the song "Nina Bobo" at night. Until the end of his age, Van Rodjik always sang the song "Nina Bobo" repeatedly at night in his own room.

*This story has not been authenticated. For the elements and contents of this article, please do not mislead. It would be nice if we took the positive side.*

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