The story Prabu Siliwangi and the White Tiger

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The story Prabu Siliwangi and the White Tiger

INIHOROR-, The story of King Siliwangi is very well known in Sundanese history as the King of Pajajaran. One of the ancient manuscripts that describes the journey of Prabu Siliwangi is the book of Suwasit, a kingdom in the luxurious and majestic land of Pasundan led by a wise and charismatic king, King of Pajajaran Prabu Siliwangi.

Prabu Siliwangi, a great king, chose to fight the magic of Mandraguna, Arif & Wise Ruling his people in the Pakuan Pajajaran kingdom, the son of Prabu Anggalarang or Prabu Dewa Niskala Raja from the Elephant kingdom of the Galuh dynasty who ruled in Surawisesa or Galuh Palace in Ciamis, West Java.

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The king, who was known as the magic mandraguna, was also wise and wise, it turned out that he also had many troops not only from humans, but also from supernatural nations. One of the most popular occult forces to date is the white tiger occult troop.

When he wanted to rest in a waterfall or waterfall, the waterfall was named Curug Sawer which is located in the Majalengka area, Raden Archer Rasa was blocked by a white tiger stealth. The battle was inevitable. However, the magic of Prabu Pamanah Rasa was successful. Even then, the tiger decided to serve Raden Pamanah Rasa as his companion.

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Therefore, it is believed that Prabu Siliwangi is able to control all khodam in the form of a tiger in Java. Therefore, we often find many pictures and paintings where a white tiger is always around Prabu Siliwangi.

The white tiger, which is said to be able to turn into a human, has been trusted by people in West Java for a long time. In fact, many people in the region still believe in it today. -ER

The above writing has not been confirmed and the reader in order to be able to take lessons from all events, please do not follow things that cause misleading and cause harm, all of the above writings are mere fiction.

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